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Chris was very helpful and she got the job one!  Thank you Chris. Since 1984
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Merrillville, IN

Hi Chris!  Just wanted to thank you again, for helping me get our wonderful home! Whenever you stop by, please find time to pop in and see the place!  We're THRILLED with the way everything's coming together!  Please thank Mike for me as well!  I couldn't have done it without his help! Since 1984
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Merrillville, IN

Never thought I could buy a home so easily.  I doubt without you all this would have happened.  I am so grateful for all your help & supportKeep upi the good work.  I still can't believe that it is my house.  Thanks so very much.  Will be glad to refer friends & / or family your way.

Chris you were the best, from the short notice of needing to move to the with the mortgage.

Thanks again Since 1984
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Griffith, IN

Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since 1984
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Valparaiso, IN

My husband and I had been turned down by every bank out there. We thought we would be throwing our money away on rent forever!! Rent to Buy was an option no one had told us about and we are so glad we found out about it. It's changed our dreams from maybe to absolutely!! Thanks Mike!!
M & J Development LLC , COLORADO
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Kelly and Phillip G.
Aurora, CO

I want you to know how much I appreciate you.  You have been a God-send to us.  Thank you so much for making our dream come true. 

Fresh Start Investment Group, LLC
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Tyler, TX
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John P
Ferguson, MO

I have credit issues and Thomas helped me with a financing program that worked for me.
Thanks again.
White Knight Homes
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W. Smith
Nashville, TN

Please refer to the attached photo of the letter we received in Jan. 2006.  Cathy purchased her home through our Seller Financing program in early 2002 and has completed her purchase from us as of Jan. 2006.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I purchased my home in Naperville, IL from Zgroup in 2002.  At that time, I had good credit, but was limited in funds available for a down payment.  Working with Bryan Scott of ZGroup, I was able to purchase the home on contract with less than a 5% down payment.

The terms of my contract called for interest only payments, saving me approximately $245 per month.  While I was not reducing the principal amount, I was still enjoying appreciation on the property.

I was able to purchase a home in a very good neighborhood with a small amount of money down, make interest only payments and still realize considerable equity in my investment.

With the money I saved each month by purchasing on contract rather than obtaining conventional financing, I was able to add to the value of my home by making improvements.  The house was in good condition when I purchased it, but I was able to enhance its appeal by adding my own personal touches.

Zgroup afforded me an opportunity of homeownership and the benefits that come with it when I might not otherwise have qualified.  I highly recommend Zgroup as a fair and honesty company.


Cathy Cotter
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Cathy Cotter
Naperville, IL

To: Hunter Paschall and The H.P. Investment Inc.

Thank you so much for a chance of a lifetime. My family and I have appreciated all of your help for the past 2 years. A chance is something you get every now and again but my family and I got more than that. We got H.O.P.E. Investment Inc. Thank you and God Bless you.

HP Investment Group, Inc.
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